JSAI-2001 International Session
Call for Papers

The JSAI-2001 Program Committee invites submissions of technical papers for JSAI-2001, to be held in Matsue, Japan, on May 22-25, 2001. Submissions are invited on substantial and original research on all aspects of Artificial Intelligence. This year, the JSAI-2001 International Session will feature an emphasis on topics related to Knowledge (and Chance) Discovery and Intelligent Agents. Hence, papers discussing those topics are especially welcome.

All paper submissions should be sent electronically to the address at the end of this call.

Important Dates for Papers

Paper Submission

Authors must first submit their paper's title page through electronic submission WWW site to arrive by January 26, 2001. The title page contains the paper's title, an abstract up to 200 words, and the address and e-mail of the contact author.
  title: title of paper and name(s) of paper's author(s)
author: name of contact author
address: address of contact author
e-mail: e-mail of contact author
abstract: abstract less than 200 words
content areas: first area,..., last area  (see areas below)

Papers should arrive no later than February 16, 2001, and should be no longer than four (4) pages. Papers do not have to be written with a specific style file, but authors must submit the paper electronically in pfd format to jsai2001@ai-gakkai.or.jp .

We cannot accept title pages or papers submitted by FAX.

Content Areas

To facilitate the reviewing process, authors are requested to put one or more appropriate content area keywords from the list below on their title page and on the submitted paper. Please use the exact phrases below. Underlined phrases indicate focus topics of the JSAI-2001 International Session.

List of area keywords

AI architectures
artificial life
automated modeling
automated reasoning
autonomous agents
belief revision and update
case-based reasoning
chance discovery
cognitive modeling
cognitive robotics
common-sense reasoning
complex systems
computer-aided education
conceptual graphs
constraint programming
constraint satisfaction
data mining
decision theory
decision trees
diagrammatic reasoning
dialog processing
discovery science
distributed AI
enabling technologies
expert systems
game playing
genetic algorithms
geometric reasoning
human computer interaction
inductive logic programming
information extraction
information retrieval
intelligent agents
knowledge acquisition
knowledge discovery
knowledge representation
logic programming
machine learning
machine translation
mathematical foundations
model-based reasoning
multiagent systems
natural language generation
natural language parsing
natural language processing
natural language understanding
neural networks
nonmonotonic reasoning
philosophical foundations
probabilistic reasoning
problem solving
qualitative reasoning
reactive control
real-time systems
reasoning about actions
reasoning under uncertainty
reinforcement learning
resource-bounded reasoning
rule learning
satisfiability testing
scientific discovery
socially intelligent agents
software agents
spatial reasoning
speech processing
temporal reasoning
theorem proving
user interfaces
user modeling
virtual reality


  Yukio Ohsawa, JSAI International Session Chair
University of Tsukuba, Tokyo, Japan
E-mail: osawa@gssm.otsuka.tsukuba.ac.jp

Helmut Prendinger
University of Tokyo, Japan
E-mail: helmut@miv.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp