JSAI 2001 International Workshops

Date: 21 --22 May 2001
supported by the Fifteenth Annual Conference of Japanese Society of
Artificial Intelligence (JSAI 2001), 22-25 May, 2001, Matsue,
The Fifteenth Annual Conference of the Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence (JSAI2001)

The Post-Proceedings Publication

T. Terano, T. Nishida, A. Namatame, S. Tsumoto, Y. Ohsawa, T. Washio (Eds.):
New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, Joint JSAI 2001 Workshop Post-Proceedings
(authorization unavailable)
, LNAI2253 from Springer Verlag
published December 2001, includes selected papers in all workshops.

Information for Payment

The payment for the workshop registration will be received on both
days of the workshops, at the reception desk. The fee will be 5000
Yen for each workshop. Workshops registration fee is separate from
the main conference, i.e., the registration to the main conference is
NOT required for attending workshops.
Credit cards can be used for payment. We can process VISA, MASTER,
AMEX, and DINERS cards.

For the information for Travel and Accomodations,

See the main page of JSAI2001.

1. International workshops from JSAI

JSAI Annual conferences have been organized since 1987 to enhance
studies on artificial intelligence, mainly of Japanese domestic
researchers, with sessions mostly made of presentations/discussions
in Japanese.

The presentations in these series of events became the seeds of
various later success of basic and applied studies, not only in the
area of AI but also to authorized and newly recognized relevant areas,
e.g. successful business applications, robot soccer games etc.

JSAI2001 will be the first JSAI conference holding international
sessions and international workshops, co-located with the main
conference. This aims at having people looking at various current AI
studies/trends from various aspects stimulate each other, in an
environment where new meaningful directions are desired by attendants.

Workshops are intended to focus attentions to specific research issues/
topics, and to informal and exciting presentations and discussions on
problems important even though not authorized, and ideas interesting
even though not yet established. Rather than accepting matured results,
we would like to supply places to make new ideas and new meaningful
directions grow.

2. Workshops to be Organized (links for more information of each workshop
will come out soon)

1) Social intelligence Design (more information)
Organizer: Prof. Toyoaki Nishida (The University of Tokyo),
2) Agent-based Approaches in Economic and Social Complex Systems (AESCS) (more information)
Organizer: Prof. Akira Namatame (National Defense Academy),
3) Rough Set Theory and Granular Computing (more information)
Organizer: Prof. Shusaku Tsumoto (Shimane Medical University),
4) Chance Discovery (more information)
Organizer: Prof. Yukio Ohsawa (University of Tsukuba),
5) JSAI KDD Challenge 2001 (JKDD01) (more information)
Organizer: Prof. Takashi Washio (Osaka University),

3. Important Dates

(organizer of each workshop is arranging the details)
- Submission Deadline of Papers: *** January 31, 2001 ***
- Acceptance Notification of Papers: *** February 28, 2001 ***
- Camera Ready due: *** March 31, 2001 ***
- Workshops: *** May 22, 2001 ***

4. Other Information

- Information for participants will be announced, on a Web page linked from the official Web page for JSAI2001
- The workshop notes will be published from
Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence (JSAI), as one separate from the conference proceedings.

5. Workshops Co-chairs (a subcommitee of the program committee of JSAI2001)

Workshops chair
Yukio Ohsawa, University of Tsukuba (Japan), osawa@gssm.otsuka.tsukuba.ac.jp
Workshops co-chair
Helmut Prendinger, The University of Tokyo (Japan), helmut@miv.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Workshops co-chair
Mayumi Kamata, IBM Japan (Japan), MITAKURA@jp.ibm.com
Workshops co-chair
Keiki Takadama, ATR (Japan), Information Sciences Division, ATR International, keiki@isd.atr.co.jp
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